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Throughout his career, Paul has had the great fortune of working with an impressive array of performers, educators, producers, and directors. Additionally, he has received many admiring accolades from critics and journalists. 

When you can say, as an educator, that you are extremely comfortable with a particular person taking over your private voice lessons for a few weeks, or accompanying you, or amazing you as a performer, then you can say that you are blessed. That particular person would be Paul Chamlin. He is outstanding! His knowledge of theater is immeasurable. In short, every musician/performer should aspire to this excellence.


Vivian Reed


Paul is a dream to work with. There isn’t anything he can’t play. He’s amazingly knowledgeable and is an excellent Musical Director and accompanist.


Randie Levine-Miller

Producer and Director of Special Events
for The Three 

Paul is a one-person symphony when he plays.

His total commitment to the singer and the music is a sight

to behold. I am so lucky to have him play for my classes at the H.B. Studio.

Lorraine Serabian

Tony Award Nominee

H.B. Studio Faculty

Paul shows he can belt with the best of them on a rousing “What’s the Magic?” (John Taylor). Their CD is so gentle and full of Paul’s interesting piano arrangements that echo life.

John Hogland

Cabaret Scenes

Paul's expertise in early Musical Theatre repertoire is  unmatched. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of all the great classics plus he specializes in obscurity. If you are looking for this kind of repertoire, Paul is your man. 

Heather Petruzelli

Voice Faculty for AMDA-NYC and Tisch NYU/Strasberg

With a set list of songs both famous and slightly obscure, Paul Chamlin has created arrangements both easygoing and out of the ordinary, some of them fun, some sultry, some riding the fine line where lovely becomes beautiful. No musical phrase is taken for granted, each sentence in every song is craftily orchestrated to provide prime storytelling opportunities for the solos and the duets. 


Stephen Mosher

Paul’s vast musical theater and American songbook knowledge coupled with the absolute joy he emits when he plays is unparalleled. He is a consummate professional. You can tell he enjoys what he does and that he genuinely cares about making his singers the best they can be.Quite simply, Paul Chamlin is the real deal.


Eadie Scott

Managing Artistic Director, Manhattan Cabaret Arts

Paul Chamlin is an exceptionally talented pianist. He plays brilliantly, and the students always learn from his talent, insight, and support.  I have also hired Paul to play at a variety of cocktail parties I produced. At events like these, his extensive musical knowledge (along with his easy-going manner) always keeps the guests engaged and entertained.


John Znidarsic 

Artistic Director of Arts and Artists of Tomorrow

Adjunct Musical Theater Professor, Marymount Manhattan College

Paul plays the piano with aplomb and sings with a classic baritenor. [Paul and Rochelle's] voices blend quite well on their frequent duets.


Bart Greenberg

Cabaret Scenes

Paul’s plusses include a warm baritone singing voice, lovely arrangements, and solid piano playing.

Robert Windeler

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